Mylor Yacht Club encourages everyone to have a go at yacht racing whether it’s in your own yacht, crewing or helping on the committee boat. You can also man the Safety RIB and we will help with the training for that.

If you have never raced before or feel like some extra help to improve your skills, one of the racing committee will be only too pleased to help you. Just ask the Racing Secretary.

In recent years the Handicap Committee at Mylor have developed the Falmouth Area Yardstick Handicap (FAY). No matter what sort of yacht you have if you fill out our Handicap Form we can work out a handicap number for you. This does take a little time so please send in your entry form and Handicap form well before you wish to race. Then the more you race the more information on your yachts performance we get, this helps us refine your handicap number, which in turn makes racing fairer for everyone.

This year we have a similar racing programme to last year, we have rested some coastal races and replaced them with others to keep you all on your toes and help us combine the final destination with our cruising colleagues.

Finally our racing relies on everyone doing their bit and volunteering to help by either providing the Committee boat, being part of the race team, manning the RIB and assisting our Bosun. This year we shall be encouraging more of you to try your hand at being Assistant Race Officer as we need more of you to become qualified Race Officers to help ease the load on our current Race officers.

Racing at Mylor is aimed at getting the maximum pleasure from our great sport while you enjoy one of the best venues in the world.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Steve Nicholls Racing Secretary.